King David

An illustration of Jonathan in the Bible climbing a rock

Jonathan in the Bible: Humble Prince, Brave Warrior

David and Jonathan’s friendship often overshadows Jonathan’s accomplishments as a warrior and prince. He was a leader and warrior in his own right, what is most remarkable is his humility vis-a-vis his father Saul. His response to the young, charismatic warrior coming to the scene, David, starkly contrasts Saul’s. While Saul is overtaken by jealousy, […]

image of the Forest of Ephraim aka wood of Ephraim. It shows trees with blood on trunks.

Wood of Ephraim: a Bloody End to a Coup

Absalom’s attempt to steal the throne from his father King David would end in a bloodbath. The battle raged in a place called the Wood of Ephraim also known as the Forest of Ephraim. This battle showcased David’s experience with irregular warfare leading to victory for his men and a disastrous defeat for Absalom. Absalom

Image of Absalom in the Bible, David's son.

Absalom: Expert Politician, Failed Warrior

Absalom, King David’s son who staged a coup against him, was a deeply disturbed and complicated character. While his grievances against his father were legitimate, his almost pathological response to his father’s injustice revealed his true nature. His ultimate desire was to supplant his father as king, but the search for true justice was never

King David, the Rise of the Warrior King

King David: The Rise of the Warrior King

King David is the second most mentioned individual in the Bible; Jesus is the first. Much of the text dedicated to David details his military exploits. He was not only a king but a fierce warrior. He would exert the necessary violence to expand and maintain his empire and yet had a deep sense of

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