image of the Forest of Ephraim aka wood of Ephraim. It shows trees with blood on trunks.

Wood of Ephraim: a Bloody End to a Coup

Absalom’s attempt to steal the throne from his father King David would end in a bloodbath. The battle raged in a place called the Wood of Ephraim also known as the Forest of Ephraim. This battle showcased David’s experience with irregular warfare leading to victory for his men and a disastrous defeat for Absalom. Absalom […]

Abishai in the Bible, David's warrior

Abishai in the Bible: Fearless Warrior

Abishai, the little-known warrior who saved David’s life, was an instrumental commander in David’s military. He is not as well known as his notorious brother, Joab, but he was just as capable and just as fearless. Abishai held two prominent positions within David’s military. He typically commanded a division in the army and was a

david's military
Military Units

The Organization of David’s Military

Three main branches made up King David’s military, the Army, the Militia, and the Royal Guard. The Thirty (David’s Mighty Men) was a smaller, but unique group within this military structure comprised of David’s most elite warriors. In the Biblical text, the existence of an army and royal guard during the Davidic Kingdom is abundantly

David's mighty men, the thirty image with sword
Warriors, Military Units

David’s Mighty Men and Their Incredible Feats

David was a great conqueror, but he was not a one-man show. There are several large sections of text in the Bible that name key military figures in David’s army. These men helped him secure his throne. A group called David’s Mighty Men (also known as “The Thirty”) appears in two sections of scripture, I

Joab in the Bible

Joab: Commander of David’s Army

Joab is David’s nephew, the son of his sister Zeruiah, who became the commander of David’s military during his reign. As a fearless and talented commander, he was responsible for the defeat and capture of many city-states. He remained fiercely loyal to King David until the end of his reign. At that point, however, he

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