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King David, the Rise of the Warrior King

King David: The Rise of the Warrior King

King David is the second most mentioned individual in the Bible; Jesus is the first. Much of the text dedicated to David details his military exploits. He was not only a king but a fierce warrior. He would exert the necessary violence to expand and maintain his empire and yet had a deep sense of […]

David's mighty men, the thirty image with sword
Warriors, Military Units

David’s Mighty Men and Their Incredible Feats

David was a great conqueror, but he was not a one-man show. There are several large sections of text in the Bible that name key military figures in David’s army. These men helped him secure his throne. A group called David’s Mighty Men (also known as “The Thirty”) appears in two sections of scripture, I

Joab in the Bible

Joab: Commander of David’s Army

Joab is David’s nephew, the son of his sister Zeruiah, who became the commander of David’s military during his reign. As a fearless and talented commander, he was responsible for the defeat and capture of many city-states. He remained fiercely loyal to King David until the end of his reign. At that point, however, he

Joab in the Capture of Jerusalem - City of David

How Jerusalem Became the “City of David”

Jerusalem is an ancient city and has been politically and strategically important for millennia. Even today, Jerusalem is the subject of hot debate. When President Trump moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem it drew hard criticism from not only Arab nations, but other world powers as well. They were afraid it would destabilize the region.

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